About MCCI

Mangere Cosmopolitan Club Inc.

The club was established in 1976 by a few local fellows wanting something more than your typical overpriced boring watering hole. Mangere Cosmopolitan club officially opened in 1979 and quickly grew a reputation for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere and not to mention the growing number of sports based adjusts and lively entertainment. The Mangere Cosmopolitan Club has become a “home away from home” for many of our locals and their families.

With the continual support of our members the club facilities have grown over the years to meet the requirements of its community and ever increasing membership, allowing us to further support the community by way of contributions made to charity and other non-profit organizations throughout the greater Mangere area.

There isn’t a more laid-back, fun and enjoyable atmosphere than the Mangere Cosmopolitan Club. We pride ourselves on our friendly and a welcoming atmosphere not to mention our excellent facilities.