A Place to Be Active, Engaged, and Connected


With special thanks to Hannah’s Bistro, the Mangere Cosmopolitan Club is able to provide the patrons with excellent meals that can either be eaten on site in the small restaurant area or taken away to eat at home. Her menu includes a variety of meals, toasties, burgers and desserts and there’s bound to be something listed that will tempt your taste buds.

Outdoor Area

An area equipped with a large TV to watch the sports and 2 TAB TVs, as well as one displaying our in-house TV channel. It also has plastic screens which have the ability to be lifted for those hot summer days and heaters for those cold winter nights.

8 Ball And Darts

Equipped with 4 pool tables and 8 dart boards, the cosy little area towards the back of the club is one of the most busiest. Not only do the members have access to this area, but on a weekly basis we see several teams from clubs all over Auckland competing against one another which often result in intense close encounters that’ll always keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Lounge Bar

In addition to our main bar, we also have a smaller, lounge bar that is most commonly used for functions. Its equipped with all the same beverages as the main bar and allows you to separate yourself from the rest of the club if you choose to.

TAB Area

A special area set up just for our regular punters – and those who may be new to the dogs and horses – and that’s our TAB area. We have a large array of the days races both on display and in easily accessible folders for those interested to bet to their little hearts content. We have the TAB Pod so people can place their bets on their own and in their own time (it also has varying details much like the papers provided) but you are also able to place your bets at the terminal situated at the bar.